DAWN RH Healthcare Questionnaires – Easily Document Important Steps in the Patient Care Pathway

The DAWN RH Healthcare Questionnaire / Survey Module facilitates patient outcome auditing with customised questionnaires and disease activity scores. Patient satisfaction or patient reported outcome measure surveys can also be produced and managed.

Patient data can be retrieved from the DAWN RH patient record to pre-fill the healthcare questionnaire saving valuable time and reducing transcription errors.

Calculated scores can incorporate simple equations for quick and easy completion with scores and key metrics stored in the patient’s record for improved traceability and visibility, and for future analysis / trending.

Record DAS28 Scores

Record DAS Scores - DAWN RH Healthcare Questionnaires
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Questionnaires or forms completed for a patient can be viewed in the main patient screen. These questionnaires can be viewed individually and data may be added to or edited, with all changes audited in the background.

  • Address filing issues and promote paperless working with electronic copies of questionnaire results that can be linked  to a patient’s electronic medical record
  • Straightforward and easy-to-use
  • Enable protocol-driven care: don’t miss important steps
  • Track adherence and patient feedback
  • Powerful reporting on patient outcomes and population data
  • Support medical research

Managing patient assessment / therapy is simplified using the Questionnaires list view which displays forms requiring completion. The list can also be used to find patients who need re-assessment if their last questionnaire was some time ago.

Download the DAWN RH Questionnaire Module leaflet

Record PsARC Response Criteria

Record Psarc criteria - DAWN RH Healthcare Questionnaires
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“The DAWN system gives us the flexibility to maintain different clinic models and customise accordingly”

Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust