How Can Anticoagulation Software Benefit You?

Information for Clinical Staff

Manage your patients safely and efficiently – without stress. With DAWN anticoagulation software, no-one falls through the gaps, gets the wrong dose, or disappears in the system. We make your job easier and your patients safer.


Safe, effective doses and test dates: Mistake-proofed design • Remembering everything becomes easy • Easy-to-use software • Excellent support

Best practice care: DAWN keeps you up to date • Measure your quality of care

More time for patient care: Keep track of patients easily • Save time on admin

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Using DAWN software, other anticoagulation clinics have achieved a 64% reduction in non-attenders and a 27% decrease in emergency admissions for adverse events. It’s just safer.

A multi-centred randomised clinical trial showed that clinics using DAWN software have a 10% increase in % time in therapeutic range compared to manual dosing.

Using DAWN software, other anticoagulation clinics have achieved a 22% increase in productivity within 6 months.

Safe, effective doses and test dates

Where does the time go?

Without DAWN:

HCP Time

Healthcare professionals

Nurses Time


Physicians Time


Prevent mistakes with doses, test dates, and non-attenders without having to remember everything yourself.

Our mistake-proofed design uses cutting-edge design principles of visibility, detectability, and feedback. Any out-of-line situation you need to know about stands out clearly, highlighted in colour or using a special symbol.

Remembering everything becomes easy: The software gives you reminder lists, so patient safety never depends on human memory. Dynamic work lists and patient lists help you to find what needs to be done and are created by selecting your chosen criteria – for example, all patients with an INR but no Dose instruction yet; lists of non-attenders, and so on.

Easy-to-use software makes your job easier, not harder: Based on the principles in The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman, the DAWN system is user-friendly and easy to understand. It also uses minimum scrolling and paging, so essential info is never hidden.

Excellent support: We offer great help and training materials to introduce you to the system. We also run a responsive support line, so if you ever get stuck, just pick up the phone.

Best practice care

DAWN software keeps you up to date with the best-practice protocols, check lists, and algorithms, so your patients are always getting the highest standard of care.

Measure your quality of care with the Benchmarking service and use the reporting tools to track your success.

More time for patient care

Keep track of patients easily: all their information is in one place, so no running around to find it and jumping between programmes: everything you need to know is in front of you.

Save time on administration: Your routine non-clinical work is automated – for instance, you can print letters straight from DAWN, including bulk printing for groups of patients. You can also email results straight to GPs from the DAWN system. It’s safer for the patient, cheaper for the clinic, and quicker for you! That gives you more time for patient care and you get home on time.






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Other clinics who’ve used DAWN anticoagulation software say…

“We have more than doubled our workload over the last 10 years. Without DAWN we would never be able to safely keep track of all our clinics and appointments” East Cheshire NHS Trust, Cheshire, UK

“We email all of our results to the GPs from the DAWN system which is extremely successful as this is much quicker and safer.” University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Foundation Trust, Leicester, UK

“Without a comprehensive management tool like DAWN, providing quality anticoagulation services to large numbers of patients within our organisation would have been very difficult. Our experience of using the program has been very positive” Kaiser Permanente, Denver, Colorado, USA

“We have found the product to be very useful and well thought out and supported. Keep up the good work!” Kaiser Permanente, Denver, Colorado, USA

“DAWN provides an effective management system for our large anticoagulant patient database. It allows the management of patients efficiently and easily.” Stockport NHS Foundation Trust, Cheshire, UK

“DAWN software has exceeded my expectations in assisting us in managing our anticoagulant population” Partners Healthcare, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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