How Can Heart Failure Software Benefit You?

Information for Clinical Staff

Manage your patients safely and efficiently, without mounds of paperwork. With DAWN heart failure software, you can spot risks at a glance, track your patients’ journey from hospital to community, work easily with multi-disciplinary teams, and have more time for patient care. We make your job easier and your patients safer.


Total risk management without the paperwork: Spot risks at a glance • Track patient journeys easily • Support shared care • A complete record of monitoring activity • Easy-to-use software with excellent support

Best practice care:  Measure your quality of care

More time for patient care: All their notes, where you need them • Group patients into clinics • Save time on administration

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Total risk management without the paperwork

Spot risks at a glance, track patient journeys right from hospital through to home visits, support shared care across multi-disciplinary teams, and keep a complete record of all monitoring activity, with easy-to-use software.

Spot risks at a glance: Each patient’s vital summary information is shown prominently in the top left of the screen, so essential information is never buried in volumes of notes. Risk stratify your patients, screen test results for trends, keep track of periodic tests, and review progress easily. Patient risk assessment uses the New York Heart Association scale and documents information specific to heart failure patients, such as weight and Ejection Function (EF). The powerful diary management tool includes scheduling and reminder functions, to prevent tests being missed.

Patient Screen for HF Brochure

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Where does the time go?

Without DAWN:

HCP Time

Healthcare professionals

Nurses Time


Physicians Time


Track patient journeys easily: DAWN software supports the whole patient journey from hospital to community. It documents diagnosis, referral, assessment, progress monitoring, liaison regarding discharge or transfer, and the follow-up and monitoring of patients, whether that’s in hospital, a GP practice, community clinics or at home. Because you can access the software from multiple locations, you can treat patients closer to home and reduce hospital visits.

Support shared care: DAWN software supports integrated care with multi-disciplinary teams. Its communication tools mean all the relevant healthcare professionals (HCPs) stay informed of the patient’s condition, treatment, and management plan, wherever they are.

A complete record of monitoring activity: Everything you need to document and monitor is in one place. You can document patient education and lifestyle advice on exercise, smoking, alcohol, and vaccination. You also have a complete record of all monitoring activity; clinical assessment of functional capacity, weight measurements, cardiac rhythm, cognitive status, drug treatment review, and measurements such as serum urea, electrolytes, creatinine, and eGFR.

Easy-to-use software with excellent support makes your job easier, not harder: Based on user-friendly principles, DAWN software has minimal scrolling and paging, so essential information is never hidden. We offer great help and training materials to introduce you to the system and also run a responsive support line, so if you ever get stuck, just pick up the phone.

Best practice care

Measure your quality of care:  Use the reporting tools to track your success. You can screen test results efficiently and DAWN  software’s reporting facility gives you a quick, easy way to access key measures for each patient or group of patients.

More time for patient care

All their notes, where you need them: All your patients’ details are in one place, so you never need to hunt through their file or jump between programmes. Everything you need to know is in front of you.

Group patients into clinics: The preferred clinic option lets you group your patients into clinics for easy management.

Save time on administration: Your routine non-clinical work is automated – for instance, you can print letters straight from DAWN and  email results straight to GPs. The integrated diary and scheduling tools also help you streamline your administration time, while ensuring patients are followed up and monitored effectively. Patient data can be entered rapidly into the system. It’s safer for the patient, cheaper for the clinic, and quicker for you. That gives you more time for patient care and you get home on time.



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