How Can Rheumatology Software Benefit You?

Information for Clinical Staff

Manage your patients safely and efficiently – without stress. With DAWN rheumatology software, you can keep track of patients easily (even the non-attenders), spot danger points at a glance, and have more time for patient care. We make your job easier and your patients safer.


Safe, effective doses and test dates: Spot out-of-line situations • Keep track of patients easily • Monitor patients’ disease activity • Easy-to-use software with excellent support

Best practice care: Stay up to date • Measure your quality of care

More time for patient care: All their notes, where you need them • Save time on administration

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Safe, effective doses and test dates

Where does the time go?

Without DAWN:

HCP Time

Healthcare professionals

Nurses Time


Physicians Time


Spot out-of-line results, check patients’ disease activity at a glance, and keep track of every patient easily.

Spot out-of-line situations: We use the best design principles of visibility, detectability, and feedback, so any out-of-line situation stands out clearly, highlighted in colour or using a special symbol.

Keep track of patients easily: Dynamic work lists show you out-of-line test results, trends, and patients who’ve missed tests. You stay in control, not the computer, and can check the next test date is appropriate. Reminder lists help you find exactly what needs to be done, when you need it, and chase non-attenders. You can also communicate easily with other clinical staff: the communication tools let you generate emails, letters, and referrals quickly.

Monitor patients’ disease activity: DAWN’s software has in-built disease activity scoring. With the Tableau module, you can instantly check a patient’s timeline of medications against blood test results, scores, and disease activity measures.

Easy-to-use software with excellent support makes your job easier, not harder. Based on user-friendly principles, DAWN software has minimal scrolling and paging, so essential information is never hidden. We offer great help and training materials to introduce you to the system and also run a responsive support line, so if you ever get stuck, just pick up the phone.

Best practice care

Stay up to date with the best-practice protocols, check lists, and algorithms, so your patients are always getting the highest standard of care. Our risk-related therapy plans and templates help you guide patients through the best treatment. They’re also adaptable, so you can adjust them to the needs of a patient.

Measure your quality of care with the Benchmarking service and use the reporting tools to track your success.

More time for patient care

All their notes, where you need them: all your patients’ details are in one place, so you never need to hunt down information or jump between programmes. Everything you need to know is in front of you.

Save time on administration: Your routine non-clinical work is automated, with user-friendly reminder lists to phone or send letters to non-attenders and to facilitate quick communication with other clinical staff. Patient data can also be entered rapidly into the system. That gives you more time for patient care and you get home on time.




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Other clinics who’ve used DAWN software say…

“With DAWN, improved safety monitoring is second to none. We have clear piloted evidence to show its efficacy, especially in improving the monitoring of non-compliant patients” Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth

“Our pharmacy department uses DAWN to help the Acute Trust to comply with UK National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) recommendations” Kettering General Hospital

“Using DAWN has led to an improved service, increased safety and a more streamlined approach to monitoring our patients” Great Western Hospital, Swindon