DAWN MS Multiple Sclerosis Software

DAWN MS Multiple Sclerosis software is designed to ensure neurology patients on various drug therapies are monitored appropriately.

DAWN MS allows Neurology departments to monitor blood and urine measures for patients. This is achieved by checking results against pre-defined ranges, particular to each therapy, enabling the expedient identification and review of any abnormal test result. The database alerts clinicians if patients have not attended for blood tests within a predetermined time scale, defined for each medication.

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With all patient data in one place and advanced, on-board tools for letters, emails and SMS/text messages to improve communication between patients and healthcare professionals, DAWN MS also focuses on improving productivity and efficiency.


  • Safer prescribing of multiple sclerosis drugs
  • Improved compliance with monitoring using reminders by SMS / e-mail
  • Reduced administration time / cost in tracking and reviewing patients on treatment
  • Secure electronic patient record focussed specifically on Multiple Sclerosis treatment


  • Tracking patients monitored for several years
  • Helps you quickly check results against recommended limits
  • Alerts you by e-mail or SMS if some results or patient records need your attention
  • Comes with pre-configured letters, e-mails or SMS/text messages for patient communication
  • Comes with pre-configured reports for slick management statistics
  • A dashboard of each patient listing clinical and laboratory data at a glance
  • Lists of patients with abnormal or missing blood results
  • Automated alerts and warnings of which the trigger thresholds can be tailored by site
  • Enable shared care across multi-disciplinary teams
  • All patient information in one place

DAWN Graphical Image
The package is highly configurable to ensure customers maximise the benefits gained from using the system.

It will also store information on diagnosis, current treatments and a history of treatments and blood and urine results. Having the data stored in this way, also enables auditing and reporting of information by clinicians.

The patient screen offers a rich view of patient information. All information is displayed on the surface of the record reducing the amount of scrolling and clicking required:

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MS Patient Screen
Take a look at the video below which provides an overview of the DAWN MS software and its benefits:

MS Video - Front Screen

For further information or to arrange an online demonstration, contact the 4S DAWN team today at sales@4s-dawn.com or 015395 63091.

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