How Can Anticoagulation Software Benefit You?

Information for Clinical Managers/Leads

Get better outcomes in your clinic for less cost. Introduce a safer service following best-practice guidelines at every stage, while increasing your productivity and patient turnaround. And while you’re at it, streamline your own workload.


A safer service: A safer operation to avoid costly and dangerous mistakes • Best practice for better outcomes • Measuring  performance creates the opportunity to improve

Reduce costs: Efficiency savings for you • Efficiency savings for your staff

Manage projects & staff easily: Project management service • Track your staff’s workload easily • Staff training is easy

No IT headaches: Easy-to-use software • Help moving from your old system •  Responsive help-line and customer services • A back-up / recovery plan

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A safer service

A safer operation to avoid costly and dangerous mistakes: DAWN gives you mistake-proofed software using the best design principles of visibility, detectability, and feedback. Any out-of-line situation is clearly flagged up, so your clinical staff can deal with it immediately, and key patient data is never hidden from view.

Best practice for better outcomes: Your clinic needs the best protocols and procedures, and to adapt to changes in standards and the industry. DAWN uses the best clinical evidence so you’re always up to date with the best-practice protocols, check lists, and algorithms. Our products and services adapt as medical knowledge moves forward, keeping you up to date. We also let you know of any new findings in our anticoagulation newsletter.

Measuring performance creates the opportunity to improve: Find out easily how your clinic is performing. Our Benchmarking service helps you monitor key performance measures, meet the requirements for internal audits, produce clinic statistics quickly, and compare your performance with other sites. Our reporting and data analysis tools let you generate reports in minutes, spot trends, and even map your patients. You can use the on-board report writer, with standard reports available on the website, and the Tableau Dashboard software module.

Using DAWN software, other anticoagulation clinics have achieved a 64% reduction in non-attenders and a 27% decrease in emergency admissions for adverse events. A multi-centred randomised clinical trial showed that clinics using DAWN have a 10% increase in % time in therapeutic range compared to manual dosing.

DAWN software, other anticoagulation clinics have cut patient turnaround in clinic from 45-50 minutes to 5-20 minutes. They’ve achieved a 22% increase in productivity within 6 months and doubled patient numbers without the need for extra resource. Our customers manage an average of 600-700 patients per health care professional.

Where does the time go?

Without DAWN:

HCP Time

Healthcare professionals

Physicians Time


Nurses Time


Managers Time


Reduce Costs

Efficiency savings for you: Your reports and data analysis are taken care of, and our streamlined project management service gives you more time for the rest of your work.

Efficiency savings for your staff: DAWN is quick and easy to use, allowing staff to get through their workload faster. Their non-clinical administration is automated, so they can spend more time on patient care and deal with more patients.

Manage projects & staff easily

The project management service means everyone involved in a project can access information and follow its progress.

Track your staff’s workload easily: DAWN gives your staff reminder systems, so nothing they’re supposed to do slips through the gaps. It also provides dynamic work lists of everything that needs to be done in clinic that day.

Staff training is easy: We offer training videos, a user & safety manual, and a help-line to get your staff up to speed on the software.

No IT headaches

Easy-to-use software means fewer issues for you, your staff, and IT.

We’ll help you move from your old system: we’re experienced in migrating legacy systems, so all your data moves across smoothly without interrupting the clinic’s essential running.

Our responsive help-line and customer services keep everything running: if anyone gets stuck, help is always at hand.

A back-up / recovery plan is essential for any data, but especially clinical data.  We advise on a backup plan if your hardware is down, so you can keep managing your patients.

Other clinics who’ve used DAWN anticoagulation software say…

“We have more than doubled our workload over the last 10 years. Without DAWN we would never be able to safely keep track of all our clinics and appointments” East Cheshire NHS Trust, Cheshire, UK

“I need to be able to prove to the Trust and patients that the anticoagulation service that we provide is as safe, auditable and current as possible. DAWN has proven to be an extremely safe package, compliant with guidelines/recommendations and with readily available support” Peterborough & Stamford Hospitals Trust, Cambridgeshire, UK

“DAWN’s reporting system enables NPSA and service reports, whilst its audit function can be used for service specific analysis” Royal Bournemouth & Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Bournemouth, UK

“The changes implemented thus far with DAWN have placed the AMS in a better position to address national safety objectives pertaining to future quality and safety concerns” Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

“Our group has found the DAWN system to be extremely configurable to our specific needs and look forward to future plans for expansion. DAWN has been a great product for us, specifically the reporting capabilities” Kaiser Permanente, Denver, Colorado, USA

“We email all of our results to the GPs from the DAWN system which is extremely successful as this is much quicker and safer. It also provides a cost saving due to reduced stationary and postage” University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Foundation Trust, Leicester, UK

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