Dermatology Software for Safe and Efficient Management of your Patients

Manage your Dermatology patients’ on immunosuppressant’s and biologics in a safe, reliable and efficient manner. Keep track of your patients’ easily (including non-attenders), quickly identify danger points and increase quality of care.

Problems, challenges  and frustrations

  • Missing abnormal test results
  • Missed appointments are not followed up
  • Duplicate files exist for a patient and the file pulled out didn’t have the latest information
  • Changes in medical condition and/or drug have not been passed on to the clinic where such a change would affect treatment
  • Patients’ next clinic visit wasn’t organised and they fall through the net
  • Patient information was incorrectly copied from their old file
  • Repeating tasks as a result of multiple forms and logins
  • Not finding what you need due to patient information buried in large paper files
  • Communication – inter-department, between primary care and secondary care, with your patients
  • A lack of information on other treatments or other conditions
  • Lack of access to additional disease progression information

How the right dermatology software reduces frustration and risk

  • Quickly highlighting important correlations and trends in patient results30
  • Gathering, graphing and interpreting key information – how many patients, what medications, what percentages, non-attendees, outcomes
  • Send information to the right people, instantly and automatically – via email, letter, SMS/text message
  • Creating lists of patients to be seen and those that should have been seen but weren’t
  • Everything in one place so a complete picture of the patient is available
  • Create a disease registry to profile patient counts by diagnosis, treatment and procedures
  • Disease Activity Monitoring to track efficacy of treatment
  • Safe management of biologics and immunosuppressants
  • Handle more patients more easily
  • Configurable to fit your workflow – letters, emails, faxes, reports, list views
  • Powerful reporting facility

Snapshots of the DAWN Dermatology Software

Efficient Screening of Test Results

Powerful Worklists

Communication: Letters, Emails, SMS/Text Messages

Audits & Surveys

Vital Summary

DAWN dermatology software can hold your specific disease exception and trend settings to alert ‘out of line’ results. Set these at the individual patient level, for a specific group of patients or for the general population. Add simple guidelines to advise on the actions to be taken. Generate letters based on templates to the patient and other healthcare professionals. Follow up non-attending patients with letters and email alerts.

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