COVID-19 Updates for DAWN Customers

Here, you will be able to access and keep up to date with all important alerts from DAWN via the website relating to DAWN support services and any changes that are implemented to services as a result of the current COVID-19 situation.

Reminder – NEW DAWN support requirements during COVID-19

A reminder to customers that due to the current situation with COVID-19, the 4S DAWN team will be working remotely from home.

This is to ensure the health and availability of the 4S DAWN team to be able to offer continued support for our customers.

We would like to reassure our customers that we are committed to ensuring our high standard of support is maintained during this period.

This means that there are some things to note/actions to take, to enable to us to continue to support you in the best way possible: 

Support requests by email
All requests for support will need to be sent via email to the DAWN support email address at instead of phoning the DAWN office. This email address will be checked frequently throughout the normal working day.

Changes to IT firewalls required
It is essential that you pass on the details that we sent to all DAWN lead users to your IT/Network Team as soon as possible as they will have to make some changes to your Firewall to allow connections in from a new IP Address so that we can continue to access your server for support. If you do not have the details previously sent, contact and they can be resent.

Test GoToMeeting access
Test access to GoToMeeting by going to and downloading the application. This enables us to work with you directly in DAWN by sharing your screen and ensuring letters, reports, list views are as required or any problem resolved.


PC upgrades and checking your browser

We have received a number of calls from customers who have not been able to access the DAWN system after their PCs have been upgraded to Windows 10.

With Windows 10, the internet browser is defaulted to Microsoft Edge rather than Internet Explorer.

If your PC has been upgraded to Windows 10 and you are unable to access your DAWN Version 7 system, please check that you are using Internet Explorer and not Microsoft Edge before you contact the DAWN support desk.


Customer support guides

Due to the exceptionally high level of support requests that we are receiving, we would like to remind customers of the easy to follow support guides that are available on the 4S DAWN website:
These include guides for:
  • Adding a new user to DAWN
  • Adding new clinics to DAWN
  • How to reset a password in DAWN
  • Setting compatibility mode for DAWN
  • Setting the order of letters in the drop down lists
  • Making clinic adjustments (timed clinics)
  • Making clinic adjustments (untimed clinics)
  • How to delete a patient in DAWN
  • How to delete INR treatment history