How Can Clinical Haematology Software Benefit You?

Information for Clinical Managers/Leads

Empower nurse-led clinics to manage long-term patients safely and efficiently. DAWN software frees up physician time, while increasing your productivity and patient turnaround. And while you’re at it, streamline your own workload.


Manage more patients, more safely: Manage long-term patients with easier, safer dosing • Free up physician and consultant time • Protocol-driven monitoring • Powerful reporting and auditing tools

Reduce costs: Efficiency savings for you • Efficiency savings for your staff

Manage projects & staff easily: Project management service • Track your staff’s workload easily • Staff training is easy

No IT headaches: Easy-to-use software • Help moving from your old system • Responsive help-line and customer services • A back-up / recovery plan

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Manage more patients, more safely

Where does the time go?

Without DAWN:

HCP Time

Healthcare professionals

Physicians Time


Nurses Time


Managers Time


Manage long-term patients with easier, safer dosing: DAWN Clinical Haematology supports clinical staff to adjust doses safely, with strong clinical support. Its clear interactive design helps prevent mistakes, chase non-attenders, and ensure patient safety.

Free up physician and consultant time: Clinicians have the tools to support nursing colleagues and every dosing and monitoring decision is easily traceable. That means the clinic can deal with more patients while the physicians and consultants get more time with the patients who need it.

Protocol-driven monitoring: Settings for each patient group can be adjusted, so the important tests and limits are clearly displayed. Clearly visible warnings support protocol-driven monitoring, prompting nursing staff when a patient needs to be referred to the doctor and highlighting trends and deviations.

Powerful reporting and auditing tools: Find out easily how your clinic is performing.  Monitor key performance measures, meet requirements for internal audits, and produce clinic statistics quickly. Our advanced reporting tool supports your reporting requirements. The software stores detailed history on diagnosis, progression, and side-effects, which you can export easily for multi-dimensional analysis.

Reduce costs

Efficiency savings for you: Your reports and data analysis are taken care of, and our streamlined project management service gives you more time for the rest of your work.

Efficiency savings for your staff: DAWN software is quick and easy to use, allowing staff to get through their workload faster, and their non-clinical administration is automated. Clinical staff can deal with more patients, freeing up physicians and consultants.

Manage projects & staff easily

The project management service means everyone involved in a project can access information and follow its progress.

Track your staff’s workload easily: Dynamic worklists ensure patients are managed, followed up and monitored effectively. All monitoring and dosing decisions are easily traceable.

Staff training is easy: We offer training videos, a user & safety manual, and a help-line to get your staff up to speed on the software.

No IT headaches

Easy-to-use software means fewer issues for you, your staff, and IT.

We’ll help you move from your old system: we’re experienced in migrating legacy systems, so all your data moves across smoothly without interrupting the clinic’s essential running.

Our responsive help-line and customer services keep everything running: if anyone gets stuck, help is always at hand.

A back-up / recovery plan is essential for any data, but especially clinical data.  We advise on a backup plan if your hardware is down, so you can keep managing your patients.






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