How Can Clinical Haematology Software Benefit You?

Information for Clinical Staff

DAWN Clinical Haematology software empowers nurse-led clinics to manage long-term patients safely and efficiently. It supports protocol-driven monitoring and frees up physicians and consultants, with better decision support. We make your job easier and your patients safer.


Manage long-term patients with easier, safer dosing: Get the full picture instantly • Adjust doses safely • Improve protocol-driven monitoring • Easy-to-use software with excellent support

Best practice care:  Measure your quality of care • Best practice for better outcomes

More time for patient care: All their notes, where you need them • Group patients into clinics • Save time on administration

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Manage long-term patients with easier, safer dosing

Where does the time go?

Without DAWN:

HCP Time

Healthcare professionals

Nurses Time


Physicians Time


Get the full picture instantly: The patient screen shows all the key information in one place, with great use of colours and alerts to prevent mistakes.

Adjust doses safely: Adjust doses by changing the percentage, with historical doses clearly visible to increase clinical accuracy. Each dose instruction can have patient-friendly, pharmacist-friendly descriptions to reduce confusion.

Improve protocol-driven monitoring: You can adjust the settings for each patient group, so the important tests and limits are clearly displayed. Clearly visible warnings support protocol-driven monitoring, prompting nursing staff when a patient needs to be referred to the doctor. Clinicians have the tools to support nursing colleagues and every dosing and monitoring decision is easily traceable, whilst clear warnings within the system help to detect trends and deviations in results.

Easy-to-use software with excellent support makes your job easier, not harder. Based on user-friendly principles, DAWN software has minimal scrolling and paging, so essential information is never hidden. We offer great help and training materials to introduce you to the system and also run a responsive support line, so if you ever get stuck, just pick up the phone.

Best practice care

Measure your quality of care: Use the reporting tools to track your success. DAWN software helps you monitor and improve patient management, working towards better decision support.

More time for patient care

Free up physician time: Empower nurse-led clinics to monitor stable patients, with traceable dosing and monitoring decisions. This frees up physicians and consultants to spend more time with the patients who need it.

All their notes, where you need them: All your patients’ details are in one place, so you never need to hunt through their file or jump between programmes. Everything you need to know is in front of you.

Save time on administration: Your routine non-clinical work is automated – for instance, you can batch-print letters for patients and GPs straight from the DAWN software and  refer patients to GPs electronically. Dynamic work-lists group your non-attenders, so you can follow up easily. You can also enter patient data into the system rapidly, avoiding multiple forms. It’s safer for the patient, cheaper for the clinic, and quicker for you.






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