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Make Life Easier and Safer in Your Rheumatology Clinic through Better Information Presentation

DAWN RH Rheumatology software has been developed as a browser-based, patient-centric, comprehensive results and follow-up management application to help clinic physicians’ review and track patients in a safe, reliable and efficient manner. Read our report, Why Computers in Rheumatology.

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Communications – Letters / Faxes / E-mails

DAWN RH has an on-board letter-writer with templates set to your specification. Outputs to paper / fax / e-mail or to another database are audited automatically to give you traceability on all communications.

Messages can be sent individually or in bulk to patient / carer / healthcare professional or the whole team.


  • Complete clinic management
  • Everything in one place – a complete picture of the patient
  • Create a disease registry to profile patient counts by diagnosis, treatment, procedures
  • Reduce emergency admissions
  • Disease activity monitoring – track efficacy of treatment using DAS28, PsARC etc
  • Eliminate the risk of losing track of patients, ensuring they have all necessary blood tests
  • Safe management of biologics and immunosuppressants
  • Dynamically filtered worklists
  • Enables shared care across organisations
  • Handle more patients, more easily
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Configurable to fit your workflow – letters, emails, faxes, reports, list views
  • Powerful reporting facility
  • Fully auditable
  • Extensive note recording capability with fast short codes
  • Integration with other software

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