About 4S DAWN Clinical Software

“DAWN makes all the difference between night and day”

DAWN is a complete, comprehensive software package designed for disease management and medication management that aids healthcare professionals to monitor long-term therapy for patients taking potentially harmful drugs.

Our mission is to make a significant contribution to the care of the 1 billion or so people suffering from long-term conditions world-wide by quickly providing easy-to-use, robust software that gives better routine clinical decisions and efficient care co-ordination and case management.

Many healthcare professionals are frustrated that they cannot readily and quickly get information out of their information systems or paper-based patient records. They want a system that is reliable, mistake proofed and enhances their productivity as well as boosting patient safety and quality of care.

As a consequence, we have created the ‘DAWN of a new era’ in software where users are empowered and with the minimum of help can quickly access their data, configure the system to fit their workflow and report from the system easily preventing the need for IT department involvement which often leads to delays.

DAWN software provides a system that enables institutions to standardise care and to continuously improve to meet best practice. Disease specific, DAWN can help relieve the pressure faced by busy healthcare organisations by allowing the safe and efficient devolution of care management, so reducing physician time and effort on routine care.

“Committed to making patient management safer and easier”

4S DAWN Clinical Software was founded in 1984 and has been involved in medical applications since start up. As a trusted supplier to over 300 leading healthcare organisations worldwide, an estimated 500,000 patients are managed using our software.

Our commitment to delivering superior software that increases patient safety and facilitates productivity gains whilst improving quality of care is at the heart of everything we do.

With a dedication to continuous product development, DAWN Clinical Software is designed specifically with shared access and a high degree of usability in mind, and with the necessary safeguard and audit facilities that put the user firmly in control.

Working together to build strong customer relationships ensures that our customers receive an excellent service built upon integrity, clear communication and a responsive, first class support team.