Gastroenterology Software for Safe and Efficient Management of your Patients

Manage your Gastroenterology patients’ on immunosuppressant’s and biologics in a safe, reliable and efficient manner. Keep track of your patients’ easily (including non-attenders), quickly identify danger points and increase quality of care.

Problems, challenges  and frustrations

  • Missing abnormal test results
  • Missed appointments are not followed up
  • Duplicate files exist for a patient and the file pulled out didn’t have the latest information
  • Changes in medical condition and/or drug have not been passed on to the clinic where such a change would affect treatment
  • Patients’ next clinic visit wasn’t organised and they fall through the net
  • Patient information was incorrectly copied from their old file
  • Repeating tasks as a result of multiple forms and logins
  • Not finding what you need due to patient information buried in large paper files
  • Communication – inter-department, between primary care and secondary care, with your patients
  • A lack of information on other treatments or other conditions
  • Lack of access to additional disease progression information

How the right gastroenterology software reduces frustration and risk

  • Quickly highlighting important correlations and trends in patient results
  • Gathering, graphing and interpreting key information – how many patients, what medications, what percentages, non-attendees, outcomes
  • Send information to the right people, instantly and automatically – via email, letter, SMS/text message
  • Creating lists of patients to be seen and those that should have been seen but weren’t
  • Everything in one place so a complete picture of the patient is available
  • Create a disease registry to profile patient counts by diagnosis, treatment and procedures
  • Disease Activity Monitoring to track efficacy of treatment
  • Safe management of biologics and immunosuppressants
  • Handle more patients more easily
  • Configurable to fit your workflow – letters, emails, faxes, reports, list views
  • Powerful reporting facility

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Efficient Screening of Test Results

Powerful List Views

Communication: Letters, Emails, SMS/Text Messages

Audits & Surveys

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