Rheumatology Benchmarking: Anonymised Comparison of Your Centre’s Performance

Join other rheumatology services in the UK that use the DAWN RH Rheumatology Benchmarking service and see how your organisation ranks compared to others.

  • Monitor key performance measures
  • Satisfy quality assurance principles – unable to improve a process until it is measured
  • Satisfy internal audit requirements
  • Easy production of statistics that are often time-consuming and complex to produce
  • Compare performance with other sites

Data from your DAWN RH database may be compared with equivalent organisations comparing variables such as breakdown in diagnoses, patient demographics, proportions treated and monitoring approaches.

DAWN RH Rheumatology Benchmarking

Utilising anonymous data extracted from DAWN RH systems, a rheumatology benchmarking report is generated comparing sites against key measures.

The primary focus of our benchmarking service is to provide a forum for benchmarking of pertinent operational and clinical performance or outcome measures and indicators to support and enhance the clinical practice of each member organisation.

It enables your organisation to identify areas for improvement and provides a means of continuously monitoring progress in these areas and picking up on any significant changes within your service.

Download the DAWN RH Rheumatology Benchmarking leaflet now

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