DAWN User Group Meetings & Workshops

You can read through the summaries of all the DAWN user group meetings and webinars here to see how others are using the system and the product developments from 4S DAWN:

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4S DAWN Regional User Workshop (London) Proceedings 2017

  • Using technology to support patients with long term conditions
    Colin Beevor, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth
  • Working with DAWN: person or system?
    Diane Home, West Middlesex Hospital, Middlesex
  • Immunosuppressants in Gastroenterology
    Patsy Daly, Great Western Hospital, Swindon
  • Discussion Forum:
    The challenges of new drugs and monitoring patients;
    Safety benefits of DAWN;
    Key challenges your service will face over the next five years
  • Improvements and Developments in DAWN
  • Afternoon training session

4S DAWN Regional User Workshop (Leicester) Proceedings 2016

  • Birmingham Children’s Hospital – DAWN RH for paediatrics
  • Discussion Forum:
    • The challenges of biosimilars and how they are affecting service
    • Key safety benefits offered by DAWN software
    • Challenges and changes services will face over the next 5 years
  • DAWN RH product developments
    • DAWN patient reporting tool
    • Email & SMS/text messaging
    • Hyperlinks from front screen to list views
    • New password reset process
  • Afternoon training session

DAWN RH User Group Proceedings 2015

  • Bolton NHS Foundation Trust – DAWN RH processes for managing the patient population
  • Freeman Hospital, Newcastle – Using DAWN to improve the evidence for safe and effective monitoring
  • New communication methods in DAWN

DAWN RH User Group Proceedings 2014

  • Royal Derby Hospital – Using DAWN RH referrals and maintaining data quality
  • West Middlesex University Hospital – DAWN RH, audit and near patient testing
  • Reporting from DAWN RH

DAWN RH User Group Proceedings 2013

  • Safer dose records for methotrexate
  • Visualising data within your DAWN system – Tableau
  • Disease Activity Scores
  • Reporting on your DAWN RH system
  • General Discussion
    • Therapy templates and the need to change them often
    • Chasing Non-attenders
    • Increased Efficiencies and Patient Safety
    • Referrals