Transform Your Anticoagulation Service:
Enhance Productivity, Patient Safety and Quality of Care

If you manage a large anticoagulation service and want to improve productivity, patient safety and patient experience, take a look at what the DAWN Anticoagulation Management software has delivered for some of our customers:

  • Increased productivity (e.g. 22% increase in productivity within 6 months; a doubling of patient numbers without the need for extra resource (an average of 600-700 patients per health care professional is achieved by our customers))
  • Increased patient safety (e.g. 64% reduction in non-attenders; 27% decrease in emergency admissions for adverse events)
  • Improved patient experience (e.g. patient turnaround in clinic cut to 5-20 minutes from 45-50 minutes)
  • Improved patient outcomes (multi-centred randomised clinical trial shows a 10% increase in % time in therapeutic range compared to manual dosing)

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DAWN AC Anticoagulation Software is the global market leader for managing large anticoagulation clinics. It is designed to help you establish a more efficient, effective and safer way of managing your patients. DAWN AC is a complete anticoagulation decision support package covering induction, maintenance, bridging, novel oral anticoagulants and VTE diagnosis assessment.

Trusted by over 300 healthcare organisations worldwide, see what our customers say about DAWN and Why Our Customers Choose DAWN AC as their preferred anticoagulation software. You can also view our customer lists.

4S DAWN also work with 3rd parties with the aim of improving healthcare professionals access to patient data and improving monitoring within their own patient population: 4S DAWN and AHSNs working together to broaden access to key TTR data and improve the management of AF nationwide

VKA Maintenance/Bridging Therapy
The core element of the DAWN AC anticoagulation software is the VKA Maintenance module, used when the patient has reached a stable maintenance dose.

DAWN AC uses inbuilt algorithms (which are clinically validated), taking the previous INR and dose history combined with the current INR entered to suggest the dose and next test interval for the patient. You can choose to overwrite the suggested dose and next test date at any time.

Within the maintenance module, a bridging therapy option allows the automatic dose and interval calculation to be disabled for all subsequent INRs where a patients Warfarin is stopped or reduced for a surgical procedure. This will force the user to dose manually until a healthcare professional decides to move the patient back to maintenance therapy.

DAWN AC supports a range of care models including secondary care, shared care (across secondary and primary), integrated managed care consortium, physician network, community and specialty hospitals, community health centers, home care and other health care entities.

  • Complete clinic management
  • Everything in one place – a complete picture of the patient
  • Mistake proofing design colours, exclamation mark warnings, front screen dashboard
  • Dynamically filtered worklists
  • Scientifically validated dosing algorithm
  • Enables shared care across organisations
  • Handle more patients, more easily
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Configurable to fit your workflow – letters, emails, faxes, reports, list views
  • Powerful reporting facility
  • Fully auditable
  • Extensive note recording capability with fast short codes
  • Integration with other software systems
  • Date format configurable to country requirements

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Upgrading from a legacy or existing anticoagulation system

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“I need to be able to prove to the Trust and patients that the anticoagulant service that we provide is as safe, auditable and current as possible. DAWN has proven to be an extremely safe package, compliant with guidelines / recommendations and with readily available support”

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