Effectively Managing Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Patients with DAWN Heart Failure Software

Managing congestive heart failure (CHF) patients can be done safely and efficiently, supporting the patient journey from hospital to community, with the documentation of key information such as diagnosis, referral, assessment, progress monitoring, discharge, transfer and follow-up all in one place with DAWN Heart Failure software.

  • Quickly document patients’ current status and history with all information in one place for fast retrieval
  • Easily find patients using dynamic lists with out of line tests or scores, due for review, follow-up or non-attendance
  • Readily track tests, scores, patient education, side effects, contraindications and events

“The team in the heart function clinic see a large number of patients everyday and struggled to coordinate lists of attendees with the relevant paperwork, particularly the patient files with large amounts of information spread throughout them.

Since 2013 our institution has used DAWN Heart Failure software and we have compiled comprehensive electronic clinical records for many hundreds of patient that now readily supports our clinic workflow and physicians”

The Ottawa Heart Institute, Canada

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See the key benefits and features of the DAWN Heart Failure software below and read the case study: Ottawa Heart Institute – Improving workflows with DAWN Heart Failure software, to see how they use DAWN Heart Failure software for managing congestive heart failure patients.

Many heart failure services experience common frustrations:

  • Searching for important patient information through volumes of notes
  • Assimilating large amounts of information quickly
  • Screening test results for trends
  • Reviewing progress easily
  • Assessing statistics and measures
  • Keeping track of periodic tests

Key benefits brought by DAWN Heart Failure software for managing congestive heart failure patients:

  • Configured to fit your workflow
  • Enable shared care across multi-disciplinary teams
  • All patient information in one place
  • Full audit and reporting facilities
  • Schedule investigations to your accepted protocols
  • Document and store all relevant clinical information

DAWN Heart Failure software facilitates managing congestive heart failure patients in a safe, efficient manner throughout the patient journey by documenting key patient information all in one place for a complete clinical record of all monitoring activity.

Download the DAWN Heart Failure software brochure.

Document: key patient information

  • Clinical assessment of functional capacity
  • Cardiac rhythm
  • Nutritional status
  • Serum urea, electrolytes, creatinine and eGFR
  • Weight measurements
  • Cognitive status
  • Drug treatment review
  • Lifestyle (exercise, smoking, alcohol, vaccination)

Drugs and dosing regimes

Record drugs and dosing regimes for managing congestive heart failure patients


Record diagnoses for managing congestive heart failure patients

Hospital admission details

Record hospital admissions for managing congestive heart failure patients

Communications with patients’

Record patient education for managing congestive heart failure patients

Patient referrals

Document patient referrals for managing congestive heart failure patients

Test results

Record test results for managing congestive heart failure patients

Comorbidity data

Record comorbidity data for managing congestive heart failure patients

Patients’ vital summary

Record vital summary information for managing congestive heart failure patients

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Reporting and Auditing

  • Advanced reporting tools allow easy extraction of data from the software to support your reporting requirements
  • Reporting tools allow adhoc reporting for specific statistics relating to your heart failure service e.g. males over 60 on a particular diuretic; breakdown of patients by ethnicity etc.
  • Allows measurement of service performance and targets
  • Fully auditable – traceability of all screens accessed and updated