Enhance Your DAWN CH Reporting and Data Analysis with Tableau

Tableau is a multi-award winning, easy-to-use package that sits on top of your DAWN CH database, providing a deluxe magnifying glass to examine, report on and understand your patients.

  • Complete your monthly reports in minutes
  • Create your own reports/dashboards and update/refine existing reports quickly and easily
  • Discover where service improvements can be made and demonstrate these improvements
  • Quickly identify patient and service trends/problems
  • Present and share findings to others in a high-impact yet easy to understand way
  • Drill down into and analyse/extract data from summary reports to understand your service better
  • Plot your patients on a map to better plan outreach services etc.

The following is an example of a DAWN CH graph indicating patient numbers for each therapy and current patient status.

DAWN CH Reporting and data analysis
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4S DAWN Clinical Software can provide you with a package that comprises:

  • Tableau itself
  • A set of standard reports tailored to you e.g. NPSA reports
  • A set of user-friendly data templates that can be used to quickly create new and adapt existing reports easily
  • A day’s set-up and training including connecting Tableau to your DAWN CH data
  • On-going support

Download the DAWN CH Tableau Leaflet

Tableau can also be used to access other information systems e.g. spread sheets, EMR’s, LIMS, pharmacy systems; and 4S DAWN can provide Tableau and supporting services for these other systems if you wish to enhance your reporting and visualisation of other data.