Don’t miss key information – DAWN front screen tallies

On logging into the DAWN AC application, you are presented with the front screen. The lower part of the screen shows important information and tallies relating to various areas of the system.

The front screen tallies are an important ‘catch’ system to highlight any potential operational or safety related areas and you should check each of these on a daily basis and take any remedial action where necessary.

1. Patient Details
This section provides information about patients with active treatment plans. Active treatment plans are defined as treatment plans that haven’t been stopped, suspended or set to admitted. The totals in this section are split by induction patients, maintenance patients and manual/bridging patients and show:

  • active treatment plans
  • incomplete visits
  • missed tests
  • patients without a next test date
  • patients who have no INR result recorded for today but were due one

2. Interface, Email, Fax and Printed Message Details
This section provides the following information about messages that have been automatically generated by DAWN that are processed by the DAWN Mailer application. The totals in this section are split by interface messages, email messages, fax messages and printed mail messages and show:

  • pending messages
  • undeliverable messages
  • awaiting acknowledgement

3. Outbound Interface Status
This section shows the status of the outbound interface. If you have purchased and are using an outbound interface, this should be set to running. If the status is showing as stopped, first check that you have an Outbound interface and if so, you will need to restart it before further messages can be sent from DAWN.

The outbound interface can be restarted through the menu option Management > Dawn Interface > Outbound Interface

4. Inbound Interface Details
This section provides information on messages sent to the Hold Monitor due to the inbound interface being unable to successfully process them. The Hold Monitor should be reviewed daily. Where possible, any issues should be resolved and the messages re-processed. Should you be unable to resolve the issue and re-process a message, the information can be entered manually into DAWN and the message deleted from the Hold Monitor. These tallies show:

  • messages on hold
  • test result errors

Important: Interface Tab on Patient Record
Please note that there is also an interface tab on the patient screen that will show a red exclamation mark if any messages come into DAWN for the patient and are subsequently put on hold. This will alert you to any such messages so that you are able to resolve them.  The interface tab is a system setting that can be turned on and off so if you are unable to see it on the patient record, please contact the DAWN support team who can help.

5. Patient Licence Details
This section provides information about the total number of patient licences you have and the number of those that are both active and unused.

6. Database Details
This section provides information about your databases:

  • name
  • size
  • last backup date
  • transaction log size

For further details on each of these front screen tallies you can download the DAWN Front Screen Tallies Guide.

If you have any questions about the front screen tallies, please contact the DAWN support team at