DAWN AC INR Ordering interface

This interface can significantly reduce the time and effort taken to book INR samples into the lab.

A high level overview of an example process is shown below and this could be tailored match the requirements within your Trust:

  • DAWN AC send the Pathology system an order. This is includes an order number generated in DAWN AC and is required by the Pathology system for the request to be made. A series of Order Numbers would be reserved for Anticoagulation.
  • This can be directly from DAWN AC to the Pathology system or via the hospital Integration Engine. DAWN AC prints the order number on the dosing letter that goes to the patient, and on a sticker that is also on the letter.
  • The patient attends the phlebotomy visit with the letter, the barcode on the letter is used to marry the patient with the request on the Pathology/Laboratory/LIMS system.
  • During the phlebotomy visit the sample is taken and the sticker is taken off the patient’s letter and put on the sample tube.
  • The sample is checked into the lab using the order number barcode on the sample tube allowing the lab to scan the order into the LIMS and accept the order. The acceptance of the order generates the message for the analyser data manager.
  • The sample is then put on a conveyor belt. The barcode is read by the analyser (it interrogates its data manager software to establish that the sample is for it), the test is then completed.
  • The order number is used by the analyser to report the result back to the data manager software which in turn sends it onto the pathology system.

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