Revolutionise your DVT service

For those of you who missed Dr Jane Strong’s poster from University Hospitals Leicester at this year’s BSH meeting on how they revolutionised their DVT service using the DAWN VTE Assessment & Diagnosis module, you can see it below along with a case study.

POSTER: University Hospitals of Leicester, DAWN VTE Assessment and Diagnosis Module

CASE STUDY: A New DAWN VTE Diagnosis and Assessment Module – University Hospitals of Leicester

Enable Protocol-Driven Patient Care and Follow Up
Important steps in the patient care pathway are documented electronically, leading you through established protocols in the form of visual flow charts.


  • Configurable patient DAWN VTE assessment record to log standard observations
  • Action prompts and recording their completion e.g. TED stockings etc.
  • Ability to track dosing history along with side effects
  • Powerful reporting on patient outcomes and population data
  • Calculated Wells Score to save you time
  • All information in one place and easy to find
  • Increases patient safety
  • Quick and simple messaging functionality to share information with GP’s and referring clinicians
  • Achieve a paperless VTE service whilst increasing efficiency

For more information on the DAWN VTE Assessment and Diagnosis module, contact the 4S DAWN team today at or 015395 63091 who will be happy to answer any questions you may have or provide a demonstration of the module.