December 2013

Season’s Greetings
Support Desk Holiday Closures
Contacting Support and Ensuring Minimum Downtime for your Rheumatology System
Patient Demographics Interface – Best Practice
Experimental compound dramatically reduces joint inflammation
Personalising Biologic Treatment in RA Likely to Be Cost-Effective
Biologicals Improve RA Function More Than Other DMARDs
Poor Public Awareness In Rheumatoid Arthritis Is Damaging Patients

November 2013

ALERT: DAWN software receipt of laboratory results via an interface
Improved handling of records for deceased patients
Don’t miss any results
Ustekinumab stops joint damage in psoriatic arthritis
Psoriatic arthritis guidelines for treatment with biologics
Mayo Clinic Cardio-Rheumatology Clinic created for catching heart disease early in arthritis patients
Patients with psoriatic arthritis benefit from early aggressive drug treatment

October 2013

DAWN: A new era in software
Track hospital admissions for your patients
Use DAWN for best practice tariff reporting
CRP level and heart history affect RA response to Tocilizumab
ACR Conference News: Many rheumatologists reluctant to address hypertension
The effect of oily fish on RA

September 2013

Contacting the DAWN support team and ensuring minimum downtime for your rheumatology system
Patient demographics interface – best practice
Installing new printers for use with DAWN RH
Reporting / extracting data from DAWN RH
NSAIDs may relieve arthritis patients’ depression
Scientists uncover how bacterium responsible for periodontal disease worsens RA

August 2013

What’s new? Latest features of DAWN RH
A safety issue: checking for anomalies
Remembering patient-specific risks
Keep patients safe by checking trending lab results using disease-specific parameters
Patients attending specialist nurse clinics do not get inferior treatment to that offered by rheumatologists
Rheumatoid arthritis may double venous thromboembolism risk