Seamless Integration with Healthcare Systems

To improve safety and boost healthcare professional productivity, 4S DAWN have created many interfaces, providing integration between healthcare systems and your DAWN HF software. These interfaces cover a range of other healthcare and hospital IT systems including:

  • Patient medical record
  • Patient administration
  • Laboratory
  • Billing
  • Scheduling
  • Document managements
  • various others

For more in-depth information on interfaces, you can download the DAWN Interface Frequently Asked Questions document.

The examples below are just a selection of interfaces that can be configured within your DAWN HF system.

  • Inbound Admissions / Discharge
    This interface updates your DAWN system to let you know straight away if a patient has been admitted to, discharged from, or transferred within your hospital. This is a major safety enhancement that enables you to take appropriate action.
  • Inbound Patient Demographics
    Automatically updates the demographic information and referring Primary Care GP / Physician of your DAWN patients with details from your master patient system to ensure that you have the most current information. It can also be configured to add new patients into DAWN.
  • Inbound Scheduling
    Automatically updates the patient’s next visit details within DAWN HF once entered into your master appointment system.
  • Inbound Laboratory Test Results
    Import test results directly from your laboratory system into DAWN HF.
  • Outbound Summary
    Send current visit summary and next test date information out to other systems e.g. hospital / health system patient records. This is a particularly useful safety feature for viewing the patients current therapy / medication status from other hospital systems.
  • Outbound Scheduling
    Send details of new, re-scheduled and cancelled appointments entered into your DAWN HF system to other hospital systems.
  • Outbound Billing Summary
    Send visit information out to other systems. This is a particularly useful feed for billing and costing systems.
  • Outbound Documents
    Send documents containing patient details from your DAWN HF system to a document management system.
  • Outbound Call / Voice Automation
    Send patient details to call / voice automation systems such as Televox to enable patients to be automatically called about appointment details e.g. appointment reminders, missed appointments.