VTE Diagnosis: Protocol-Driven Patient Care and Follow-Up

VTE Assessment and Diagnosis Module

Important steps in the patient care pathway are documented electronically with the module designed to lead you through established protocols.

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (case study) are already seeing the benefits of the DAWN VTE Assesment and Diagnosis Module and Dr Jane Strong presented a poster at the BSH meeting illustrating how the module had revolutionised their DVT service –  POSTER: University Hospitals of Leicester, DAWN VTE Assessment and Diagnosis Module.

  • Enable protocol-driven patient care and follow-up: don’t miss important steps
  • Ensure all information is in one place
  • Configurable to prompt actions and record their completion (e.g. TED stockings, LMWH given)
  • Configurable patient DAWN VTE assessment record to log standard observations (e.g. blood pressure, pulse, stats)
  • Calculated Well’s scores save you time
  • Track dosing history along with side effects
  • Powerful reporting on patient outcomes and population data
  • Increase productivity and efficiency gains

VTE Assessment and Diagnosis Workflow

VTE Diagnosis Workflow
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The completion of questionnaires form a major part of the DVT assessment process within DAWN. This facility enables the collection of important information used in the assessment such as the patient’s Well’s score and documentation of risk factors.

Download a copy of the DAWN VTE Assessment and Diagnosis Module leaflet

Further information and guidance on VTE diagnosis is available through the following links:





“The changes implemented thus far with DAWN AC have placed the AMS in a better position to address national safety objectives pertaining to future quality and safety concerns”

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA