Supporting Shared Care Capability

DAWN AC has been designed to support shared care. Primary Care practices in your locality may run small anticoagulation clinics or see anticoagulation patients individually. It could be more cost effective to centrally coordinate these clinics through DAWN AC Version 7.

Further to this, there are significant clinical benefits in having one system that is used across all care settings.

Find out how two of our customers use DAWN AC to support their shared care models – Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust and East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust.

  • One central register of all anticoagulant patients
  • One anticoagulation patient record used and accessible across primary and secondary care
  • One style of dosage instruction used across all treatment settings
  • One database to enable one place for all reporting and benchmarking
  • Reduced costs for your local health system
  • One central register for all patients prescribed novel oral anticoagulants (NOACs)

Administration of the system in terms of access to functionality and patient records is controlled centrally.

4S DAWN can supply user licenses, training materials, support and advice to help you to deliver a joined up, efficient, population-based anticoagulation therapy management service.

Common elements of shared care include joint provision of clinical services; use of treatment & referral guidelines; shared responsibility for patient care; communication and information exchange; whilst it also provides a number of benefits:

  • Increased patient access to care
  • Reduced fragmentation of care and increased continuity of care
  • Strengthened links between primary and secondary sectors
  • Efficient use of resources and cost efficiencies

“Shared care: an approach to care which uses the skills and knowledge of a range of health professionals who share joint responsibility in relation to an individual’s care. This also implies monitoring and exchanging patient data and sharing skills and knowledge” (Moorehead 1995)

“The web-based nature of DAWN aids shared care with GPs and access to the system in clinics and by consultants”

Imperial College NHS Trust