Easily Document Important Steps in the Patient Care Pathway

The DAWN Questionnaire / Survey Module allows you to easily follow and document established protocols in the form of visual flowcharts and covers such items as Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS); Satisfaction Surveys; HASBLED; and CHA2DS2VASc among others.

Patient data can be retrieved from the DAWN AC patient record to pre-fill the questionnaire saving valuable time and reducing transcription errors.

Calculated scores can incorporate simple equations to save you time with a calculator or spreadsheet and scores can be stored in the patient’s record for improved traceability and visibility.

Record CHA2DS2VASc Scores

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Questionnaires or forms completed for a patient can be viewed in the main patient screen. These questionnaires can be viewed individually and data may be added to or edited, with all changes audited in the background.

In addition to the completed form, individual items on your questionnaire may be stored as separate database fields for retrieval in letters and reports. Features for management reporting on your patient population are also included.

Download the DAWN AC Questionnaire Module leaflet

Record surgery/procedure preparations

AC Questionnaire - Upcoming surgery
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Managing patient assessment / therapy is simplified using the Questionnaires list view which displays forms requiring completion. The list may also be used to find patients who require re-assessment as their last questionnaire was some time ago.

“I need to be able to prove to the Trust and patients that the anticoagulant service that we provide is as safe, auditable and current as possible. DAWN has proven to be an extremely safe package, compliant with guidelines / recommendations and with readily available support”

Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust