DAWN Anaemia/Growth Factors

DAWN Anaemia/Growth Factors is designed to enable you to monitor patients on Erythropoietin efficiently whilst reducing waiting list times and increasing productivity. The software helps you to manage clinic appointments and laboratory results with ease and audit patient records within minutes.

  • Quickly view your patients’ information in a tabulated, time-based view with a colour coded display and warning symbols to aid rapid interpretation.
  • Manage patients easily through an embedded therapy template to ensure adherence to guidelines for frequency of testing and treatment changes in response to poorer control
  • Provide questionnaire tools to improve recording of patient education and understanding
  • Monitor and control your patients easily as the system highlights patients not meeting goals
  • Review patient data via lists which prioritise your patients by chosen factors such as risk, non-attendance, location, etc.
  • Streamline clinic management using a comprehensive appointment system
  • Communicate with patients and other healthcare professionals by email, fax, letter or phone with bulk messaging and automatic message triggers
  • Allow quick access to documentation of patient history, education, notes, medications and haemoglobin control. Record notes and comments against patients easily.


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