Integration with your Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Many customers who have Electronic Medical Record systems (EMR’s) now update them from DAWN via an outbound interface.  Whenever a patient is dosed and their next test scheduled, DAWN automatically sends an electronic message to the EMR containing dose summary information such as their current INR, dosing instruction, next test date, treatment notes and their last five INR’s and doses.

The information is logged against the patient’s record in the EMR so it can be viewed by anyone in the organisation with the relevant permissions.

In such cases, DAWN acts as a specialist departmental satellite of the main electronic record, receiving INR results electronically from the EMR or direct from the lab, suggesting dose changes and displaying detailed clinical information in more depth than the EMR so anticoagulation staff can accurately assess progress and set the next dose, and finally updating the EMR with the summary information so it can be viewed easily by all appropriate healthcare professionals.

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