Increase patient safety with post-clinic checklists that enable independant checking of dose changes and test intervals.

Users of DAWN AC often deal with hundreds or thousands of patients and work in environments where high levels of pressure are common.  It is possible that human and/or software errors may occur leading to an inappropriate patient dose or test interval.

In order to allow for quick and easy independent checking of doses and next test interval anomalies within DAWN AC, we have created a ‘Post Clinic Check’ list view. The list is ordered by the biggest dose changes and interval changes first, and the list can be filtered to look at the % dose changes only or the % interval changes only:

We highly recommend using this list view as an independent check of the doses and next test intervals, e.g. at the end of each working day, as it will significantly improve the safety of your service.

If you do not currently have the Post Clinic Check list view and would like this to be installed, please contact us at