25th Annual DAWN AC UK User Group

We are planning on holding our DAWN AC UK User Group on the 2nd and 3rd of October at the Old England Hotel in Windermere. We are now looking at getting the user group talks organised in order to provide an informative and worthwhile meeting!

We are keen to hear from those of you who would like to give a short talk at the User Group Meeting and we are offering a ‘speaker’s package’ where there will be a £100 reduction in the meeting fee and we also help with your presentation preparation.

Topics could include:

  •     NOACs/DOACs
  •     Integration with other systems
  •     Emailing PDFs
  •     Expanding AC services into the wider community
  •     Standardising of national services
  •     Tips and Techniques
  •     Dosing Algorithms
  •     Patient Scenarios

If you are interested in speaking at or attending the User Group then please contact us at shelley@4s-dawn.com