NEW Point of Care Device Interfaces

4S DAWN now has point of care interfaces available to facilitate convenient and efficient use of point of care devices in clinic and/or the community for DAWN AC customers and, in the US for self-testers using the Alere device:

  • Roche:
    Roche point of care device is taken out into the community (can also be used in the clinic)
    Patient’s INR’s are taken
    The point of care device is then taken back to the clinic and docked
    The docked point of care device then transmits the INR’s to Roche cobas IT 1000 application
    The cobas application sends the INR messages into DAWN AC


  • Alere:
    Patient takes INR reading on Alere point of care device
    Logs in to Alere Cloud and enters their INR
    The message is sent from Alere Cloud into an integration engine agent (secure message relay) at the hospital
    The integration engine agent then sends the INR message onto Mirth
    Mirth sends the message into DAWN AC

For more information about the various interfaces available for your DAWN system, visit: