DAWN Auto Review Service

The DAWN Auto Review Service is an add-on to the DAWN Clinical Framework application and runs in the background to improve workflow efficiency for customers. This service is available in Versions 7.9.30 and above of DAWN Clinical Framework.

How Does It Work?
DAWN Clinical Framework appointments are designed to expect certain test results by a ’due by’ date.  Once the results have been received and any out of range results reviewed, the visit should be closed.

This action automatically creates the next appointment or planned encounter with the patient.  Many DAWN users do not need to review every set of test results. Ideally they would like to only have to check results which have been flagged for review by DAWN.  Setting up a planned encounter involves a number of checks and balances and takes several seconds to complete, which creates a significant overhead if a user has to perform this for all patients, whether or not their results actually need a healthcare professional to review them.

The DAWN Auto Review Service addresses this problem.  It runs in the background and regularly queries the DAWN Clinical Framework system to find any open appointments that satisfy a set of criteria meaning they can be safely closed automatically without review by a healthcare professional.  It then attempts to close each of these visits.

The service loads the same application library as the main DAWN Clinical Framework so when the service closes an appointment, it triggers all the same validation checks and procedures as when a user presses the “Close” button.  However, as it runs as a separate background service, there is no disruption or performance degradation to the user and the user can give their full attention to reviewing the outlying results and patients who need their therapy reviewing.

Support Policy
The Auto Review Service forms part of the DAWN Safety Monitoring System and technical support is offered under the terms of the technical support and maintenance contract for the parent application.

Platform Support

  • Minimum O/S supported: Windows 2008 R2
  • Recommended: Windows 2012 R2

For more information on the DAWN Auto Review Service and upgrading your DAWN Clinical Framework system to the latest version, contact the 4S DAWN support team on support@4s-dawn.com or +44 (0) 15395 63091.