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Enhance Your Reporting and Data Analysis with Tableau

Tableau is a multi-award winning, easy-to-use package that sits on top of your DAWN databases or other databases, providing a deluxe magnifying glass to examine, report on and understand your patients.

  • Complete your monthly reports in minutes
  • Create your own reports/dashboards and update/refine existing reports quickly and easily
  • Discover where service improvements can be made and demonstrate these improvements
  • Quickly identify patient and service trends/problems
  • Present and share findings to others in a high-impact yet easy to understand way
  • Drill down into and analyse/extract data from summary reports to understand your service better
  • Plot your patients on a map to better plan outreach services etc.

Tableau Desktop, Tableau Reader, Tableau On-line and Tableau Server answer deep questions and make it quick work to create and share dashboards with colleagues. For example, stunning Microsoft Excel dashboards can readily be created.

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 Here are two examples

Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Leicester Royal Infirmary are among customers currently using Tableau software with their DAWN RH system to improve their reporting and data analysis in a highly visual way.

The following is an example of a DAWN RH case review timeline correlating disease activity scores and improvements in condition with current therapy. (Click on the image to enlarge)

Rheumatology – therapies v scores v results graph

Rheumatology - therapies v scores v results graph

Here is an example from a Rheumatology benchmarking study show diagnosis and treatments across centres.

DAWN RH Benchmarking


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