Track your patients and their progress and produce management statistics with ease and speed

The DAWN HALT software provides an efficient method of keeping track of patients and their progress, alongside being able to easily produce management information on your patient population and other tracking reports such as patient outcome data.

The system contains a set of patients, each of whom can have one or more referrals to the HALT team. Each patient can have multiple reminders e.g. for alcohol liaison team members to contact / meet them on a particular date.

Each referral in HALT can include an initial assessment and multiple:

  • Follow-on Review Assessments
  • Onward Referrals
  • Interventions
  • Outpatient Appointments

The HALT system contains two parts:

  • Part One: Front-end (user screens) – an easy-to-use web-browser based data capture system with an underlying industry-standard, robust database to input and track patients and their involvement with HALT.
  • Part Two: Reporting – an application that comes with a set of standard reports that can be amended and added to and are available immediately without staff having to waste time ‘fiddling’ with the raw data.

Part One: Front-end (User Screens) – Introduction/Overview

Here are some examples from the front-end (user screens).

After logging in, you are presented  with a list of all the patients. This list can be filtered so that you can easily identify your target patient and not accidentally update the wrong patient.

Image shows patient search screen (click on image to increase size)

Halt 1

Once you have added a patient, you can add one or more referrals to their record and then add / update assessment, interventions, outpatients appointments etc. to these referrals.

Image shows patient referral form (click on image to increase size)

Halt 2

You can use DAWN HALT to identify patients who have missed their outpatient appointments and check for patient reminders that are due / overdue.

Identify missed appointments (click on image to increase size):

Halt 3

Check patient reminders (click on image to increase size):

Halt 4

Part Two: Reporting – Overview

DAWN HALT comes with a reporting package that makes very light work of your daily / monthly reporting requirements. You can use it to filter / drill down to meet your exact reporting requirements and examine individual patient information. It removes the need to spend time collating management information statistics as easily configurable reports are available instantly.

It is ideal for periodic reporting e.g. monthly/quarterly; trend analysis; comparisons; benchmarking; identification of rogue or outlying data (e.g. a referral that has been accidentally left open or assigning 20 hours instead of 20 minutes to a consultation etc.). It is great for answering questions from Clinical Commissioners quickly and efficiently.

The following are examples of some standard reports:

  • Monthly and quarterly counts and trends of referrals, assessment, hospital days saved, detox days saved, onward referrals, interventions, including the ability to drill down to patient locations, referring wards etc.
  • Service level agreement measures e.g. time from referral to assessment within x hours.
  • Monthly and quarterly counts of referrals per team member and analysis of how long referrals have been open
  • Analysis of referrals per patient to view the ‘repeat visitors’
  • Age, presenting problem, gender breakdown

Here is an illustration of some of these reports:

Age, presenting problem, gender breakdown (click image to enlarge):

HALT Pg3 - Age, Gender Graph

Monthly and quarterly counts (click image to enlarge): 

HALT Pg3 - Monthly & Quarterly Counts Graph

The reporting element can also display geographical information such as ‘where do our patients live’ which is very useful for clinic location planning etc.

The circles on the map below represent the patient population. Different colours represent postcodes within your territory whilst the size of the circles illustrate  the size of the patient population within that postcode i.e. the larger the circle the higher the number of patients.

Map of patient locations (click image to enlarge):

HALT Pg4 - Territory Image

To find out more about the DAWN Hospital Alcohol Liaison Team software:

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