Connected Care – The Way Ahead

Transform care delivery across a wide range of disease areas using integrated electronic communication across the patient journey , enhancing communication between healthcare professionals and patients to support a range of coordinated care interventions to ensure continuity of care across traditional healthcare boundaries using the DAWN Clinical Framework Software.

Many healthcare organisations are facing increasing demand on services due to a growing population with an extending life span, an increase in its own capability, fuelled by advances in knowledge, science and technology and ever-increasing expectations from the public is serves. Advances in information technology applications have introduced new service design approaches that can transform healthcare delivery through integration of electronic communication across whole care pathways and across care boundaries.

Patient-centred care is facilitated through the DAWN Clinical Software Framework by combining disease and patient relationship management support, supporting patient specific care plans on three dimensions:

  • Patient Engagement – enabling a partnership among professionals, patients and their families , empowering patients to take an active role in care decision making processes and self-care efforts
  • Disease Management – supports the healthcare professional to deliver patient specific care plans through evidence based guidelines, preventing deterioration¬† and complications, allowing a focus on maintenance and improvement of the health status of each patient
  • Service Management – key performance and benchmarking information to measure, audit and improve clinical services – a key requirement for continuous improvement

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The DAWN Clinical Software Framework incorporates statistical process control techniques to enable the detection of trends and changes in outcome measures, providing early insights into any potential issues. This foresight provides healthcare professionals with the information needed to understand and manage elements of the patients’ care and interventions to improve symptom and disease control.

The software also facilitates the measurement of successful/unsuccessful intervention methods; correlation between interventions and outcomes; and differences/trends across patient groups for example.

DAWN Clinical Software Framework helps you improve operational efficiency and productivity and boosts safety and quality, whilst facilitating a preventative approach through the identification of potential issues before they become complex and costly interventions and unscheduled hospital admissions. The framework acts as a communications platform to synchronise and focus care.

“Committed to helping healthcare organisations maximise value in terms of outcomes, prevention, quality and efficiency through integrated healthcare delivery, DAWN Clinical Software Framework provides a flexible, modular solution with first class customer support”

DAWN Clinical Software Framework offers proven, reliable disease management software that helps you:

  • Identify high risk patients and reduce emergency admissions
  • Improve patient outcomes and experience
  • Develop a more patient-centred service
  • Facilitate shared care across multiple healthcare settings
  • Improve information sharing between healthcare professionals and patients, integrating with multiple healthcare systems
  • Easily measure and report on clinical outcomes, compliance with treatment, patient satisfaction etc.

4S DAWN have developed a reputation for the design and deployment of a world class range of disease management software that is used by over 300 leading healthcare organisations across the world.

If you are interested in Connected Care – The Way Ahead please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the 4S DAWN team today at or +44 (0) 15395 63091 to discuss how we can help.