Safety Warnings & Help

This page includes information about:
  1. Safety Warnings
  2. Cookie Policy
  3. Printing Tips

Safety Warnings

To help ensure safe use of this product, i.e. the correct score is calculated & displayed, please follow the guidelines below:
  1. This tool has intended for use by competent healthcare professionals only.
  2. This tool has been tested against IE 6, 7, 8 and Mozilla however all browsers and operating systems are different. We therefore recommend you check the DAS Score result carefully, particularly when using it on a new or upgraded device, operating system or browser.
  3. To help avoid input mistakes such as keyboard & transcription errors, after calculating the DAS score, we recommend that you always compare it to a previous set of inputs (ie joint counts & test results) and resulting score, where one exists, to check the new score is consistent with the new inputs.
  4. For general guidance on completion of the DAS28 calculation, eg calibration of the CRP test, please refer to for more information and contact details.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are used within this product to enable easier use. No patient data is captured or stored. Cookies are used for the following:
  1. To capture your preferred default settings, eg Type Totals or Use Mannequin
  2. To track returning visits (by capturing your IP address) for statistical purposes only

Printing Tips

For best results:
  1. Preview first to check the page will print as you wish
  2. Print in Landscape orientation
  3. If the report does not fit on one page, select your brower's Fit to Page option (if it has one)
  4. If the mannequin does not print or appear in Print Preview, enable your browser's Print background colors and images option

How do I do these things?


Preview &

Page Setup

Any Browser

Choose your browser's

Page Setup,

Print Preview or


option usually located on the File Menu


Fit to Page &

Print background
colors & images

Mozilla Firefox

Open your browser's Page Setup option as shown above and choose:

  • Landscape orientation
  • Shrink to Fit Page Width
  • Print Background Colors and Images

Internet Explorer 8

Open your browser's Page Setup option as shown above and choose:

  • Landscape orientation
  • Enable Shrink to Fit
  • Print Background Colors and Images

Internet Explorer 7 and older

Set Landscape orientation as described for Internet Explorer 8, then:

  • Choose Internet Options from the Tools menu or icon
  • Select the Advanced Tab
  • Scroll down to find the Printing options
  • Check the Print Background Colors and Images checkbox

Depending on your browser the Shrink to Fit option may not be available.

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